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Fish Processing Equipment

ZOLIM offers advanced fish processing machinery and equipment covering every step of the processing line. Our expertise in the automation of seafood solutions provides our customers with a substantial return on investment. ZOLIM Fish Processing Equipment ranges from stand-alone machinery to complete turnkey solutions. Reply within 24 hours and soonest within 10 minutes.


Complete processing plants for the fish and seafood industry

From the design of individual machines to workflow optimization, you can rely on our equipment and expertise to stay competitive. We have comprehensive knowledge in developing processing lines that minimize waste through gentle and optimized handling of raw materials.

We also have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing efficient plants capable of handling large batches quickly and consistently. Gentle handling, efficient workflows, and higher reliability increase throughput.

Zolim has a professional team with rich practical experience in serving customers in the seafood machine industry for many years, providing customers with continuous and steady technical support and services. Provide solutions and quotes!

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Fish Processing Equipment


Zolim Fish Processing Equipment in hot countries

Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Middle East, South Africa, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Nicaragua, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Mexico, Venezuela, Australia, Europe, and the United States and other Marine countries.


Fish Processing Equipment

Fish processing machines mainly is used for de-heading and fillet, all worker processing stand a line, and can improve productivity! The machine is made of stainless steel for long service life. It is simple and reliable to operate. Most of the equipment is designed for use in coastal fish processing plants as well as in coastal and marine fishing vessels. In our long experience of production, our company has equipped any store producing fish and squid. All equipment is certified and under warranty. Scroll down to see a list of our fish processing equipment!


Tailor-made solutions

ZOLIM designs manufacture and install many different types of seafood processing lines. In addition to our comprehensive knowledge of processing lines, our expertise includes building layout, equipment setup, electrical installation, hardware, and software - virtually any area relevant to the success of your seafood business. Please leave contact information, our professional staff will contact you the first time!


Please see our list of fish processing equipment

We offer equipment for processing many types of fish, which are made of stainless steel and have a long service life. It is simple and reliable to operate. Most of the fish processing equipment is designed for coastal fish processing plants as well as coastal and marine fishing processing. In the long experience of our installations, fish processing equipment has been equipped for any production of fish and squid processing plants in many countries and regions of the world. All equipment is certified and under warranty.

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