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Stories of European customers choosing our shrimp processing machines

Jun. 10, 2022

Three years ago, European customers found our company through the Internet. After slowly getting in touch, they came to our company to visit and negotiate. During the visit, they paid attention to our company's team for the research and development of seafood machines, and solved the problem. The customer gave a high evaluation to solved the problem of slow efficiency and high cost in the processing of fish, shrimp and other seafood. The customer is a shrimp processing factory. We showed the customer lifting machine, washing machine, sorting machine, shrimp de-heading processing line, shrimp peeling processing line, mixer, cooking machine, sushi shrimp belly cutting machine, shrimp back cutting machine, shrimp cooling machine, etc. Customers are pleased and admired for the professionalism and variety of our processing machines . They said that they have never seen such a complete range of seafood processing equipment before, and they have never purchased equipment for the entire process. Now that they have encountered ZOLIM, it can help them solve the trouble of finding a machine, and it will definitely help them improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs!

Then the customer signed a contract on the spot and purchased a complete set of shrimp processing machines! We are happy with the trust and recognition of our customers, and we tell our customers that it is a very correct decision for you to choose us!we will insist on the quality and service of our products! Create greater value for customers!

We promise once again to be the most professional and complete seafood processing machine in the world!


Stories of European customers choosing our shrimp processing machines

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