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Fish Skinning Machine - Easy Fish Skin Removal

Fish scaling machines mainly be used for scaling fish by a drum with teeth! Zolim is a professional researcher, producer, and exporter of seafood processing machinery.  We have a professional team with rich practical experience in serving customers in the seafood machine industry for many years, providing customers with continuous and steady technical support and services. Please leave contact information, I will contact you the first time!


Fish Scaling Machine Technical Parameters

Model: ZL-QL160

Machine dimensions: L2200 x W1150 x H1600mm

Scaling method: drum-driven

Power: 2.2KW

Power supply type: 380v/3P/50Hz

Capacity: 500-600kg/H

Weight: 800KG

Application: Snakehead, Tilapia, Carp, Crucian carp, Grass carp, various marine fish, and freshwater fish.


Fish Scaling Machine


Zolim Fish Skinning Machine in hot countries

Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Middle East, South Africa, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Nicaragua, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Mexico, Venezuela, Australia, Europe, and the United States and other Marine countries.


Application of fish skinning machine

1. Widely used for skinning many kinds of fish, including freshwater and seawater fish, such as squid, tilapia, catfish, trout, cod, flounder, snapper, etc.
2. Widely used in different fish processing enterprises such as aquatic processing plants, fishery companies, food processing plants, large catering industry, frozen food plants, casual food plants, restaurants, etc.


Fish Skinning Machine features

1. Fish skin automatic peeling, working rate up to 99%, equivalent to the operational capacity of 30-50 workers.
2. Stainless steel material, long service life, easy to clean.
3. Simple and safe to operate; easy to maintain.
4. Suitable for any fish.


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Fish Scaling MachineFish Scaling MachineFish Scaling MachineFish Scaling MachineFish Scaling MachineFish Scaling Machine

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