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  • Grading Machine with 18 Rollers

Shrimp Grading Machine with 18 Rollers

Shrimp Grading Machine

The Shrimp Grading Machine mainly used lifts shrimp and fish(small) to the secondary lifting belt through the primary one and then lifts them equally to the classified roller to classify. In the process, the classified products are cleaned by sprays and out of the classifier through the conveyor belt to achieve classification!


Shrimp Grading Machine Technical Parameters

Model: ZL-FX18

Machine dimensions: L6000xW5200xH2200mm

Sizing method: by rollers run

Power: 4.9KW

Power supply type: 380v/3p/50Hz

Capacity: 1500-1800KG/H

Weight: 1500KG


Application: Headed Shrimp, Headless Shrimp, Cooked Shrimp, Shrimp meat, Small yellow croaker, Saury and other small fishes

Grading Machine with 18 Rollers

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