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Shrimp Processing Equipment

ZOLIM is your market-leading partner for shrimp processing equipment from start to finish. We ensure that processing capacity and finished products are exactly as you require.


Get free shrimp processing equipment solutions

A shrimp plant is a huge investment and we take pride in successfully installing and testing your equipment and subsequently training your staff to operate and maintain the equipment to complete the project. 


Zolim shrimp processing equipment has been sold to many countries

Shrimp processing equipment is very popular in many countries, such as: Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Middle East, South Africa, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Nicaragua, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Mexico, Venezuela, Australia, Europe, and the United States and other maritime countries.


Shrimp Processing Equipment Line

Shrimp processing machines mainly is used for de-heading or peeling, all worker processing stands a line, and can improve productivity!

Please review our shrimp processing equipment and discuss with us how it can be installed in your plant to form one or more shrimp processing lines.

Pouring Machine Pouring machine mainly lifts shrimp raw material or others by hydraulic pump to the lifting machine! 
Sushi Shrimp Belly Cutting Machine Sushi Shrimp Belly Cutting Machine mainly used a driving system to drive the knife shaft and blade to run, and then excide the belly of shrimp in the belt. 
Shrimp Automatic Separating Tray Machine Separating tray machines mainly be used to separate shrimp, fish, or other frozen products by circulating water! 
Shrimp Grading Machine with 8/12/18 Rollers The shrimp grading machine is mainly used to lift shrimp and fish(small) to the secondary lifting belt through the primary one, and then lifts them equally to the classified roller to classify. In the process, the classified products are cleaned by sprays and out of the classifier through the conveyor belt to achieve classification! 
Shrimp E-Z Peeling Machine Shrimp E-Z peeling Machine mainly used head-on shrimp to be cut by the blade to achieve E-Z peeling! 
Shrimp Beheading Machine De-heading machine mainly puts shrimp head-on to the drum, then runs up and beat to achieve head and body separate! 
Shrimp Peeling Machine Shrimp peeling machine mainly processing typ E-Z Peeling, Tail-on 2 to 4, Tail-on deep cut, Tail-on butterfly split, Tail-on Gradual cut, Tail-off Completely peel, Shell, split 1-5, Tail-on completely split. 
Shrimp Meat Cleaning Matching A shrimp meat cleaning machine is a removal and depuration system, which is mainly made of a bowl screen, water box, and separating box. It can remove the extra impurity efficiency and play a role in shrimp purification. 
Shrimp Cooking Machine The shrimp peeling machine mainly cooks shrimp meat, shrimp head-on, and shrimp de-heading by steam! Meantime the machine can save energy! 
Vibrator Machine Vibrator machine mainly lets shrimp raw material be placed more evenly through vibration! 
Lifting Machine The lifting machine mainly lifts shrimp raw material by conveyor to the other machine! 
Shrimp Soaking Machine The shrimp soaking machine mainly soaks shrimp meat by screw leaf, time and direction can be adjustable! 
Defrost Machine Defrost machines mainly be used for defrosting frozen products by circulating water pumps! 
Shrimp Cooling Machine The shrimp soaking machine mainly keeps shrimp products cooling when put inside, two sides are placed with ice!

Please ask us for the complete shrimp processing equipment List!


Advantages of Zolim shrimp processing equipment

Our shrimp processing equipment solutions provide increased yields, product consistency, and higher profits.

High-quality shrimp - Zolim shrimp pans ensure minimal curling, correct shrimp color and texture, and preservation of shrimp flavor and taste. Fast and efficient cooking ensures optimal product quality and yield. 

High Yield - Shrimp surface temperature is maintained below 80°C, resulting in at least 1% higher yields compared to forced convection steam cooking. Yields can be increased by up to 9% compared to conventional steamers.

Energy Efficiency - The water in the Zolim unit is heated by direct steam injection and the steam is completely absorbed into the water. A large amount of recirculated water is used, and the temperature drops very low when it leaves the stove, so very little steam is needed to reheat the water. Steam consumption can be reduced by 30% to 40% compared to conventional steam cooking techniques because no steam escapes when reheating the water.

Food Safety - Every part of the cookware that comes in contact with scalding water can be cleaned with a Clean-In-Place (CIP) system. All piping is 316 stainless steel and gas welded to ensure the highest standards of hygiene. The cooking process guarantees 100% food safety, i.e. even cooking, no "undercooked" meat or gray spots, even with small peeled and deveined shrimps (PUD).


Choose ZOLIM Shrimp Processing Equipment!

Zolim has a professional team with rich practical experience in serving customers in the seafood machine industry for many years, providing customers with continuous and steady technical support and services. 

Please leave contact information, I will contact you the first time!

Shrimp Processing Equipment


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