Shrimp deheading machine

October 23, 2023
Latest company news about Shrimp deheading machine

In the modern fish and shrimp processing industry, many automated processing machines have appeared. For example, shrimp peeling machine, shrimp grading machine, shrimp deheading machine, sushi shrimp cutting machine, shrimp meat soaking machine, defrost machine, shrimp cooking machine, shrimp cleaning machine, shrimp cooking machine, fish skinning machine, fish scaling machine, fillet cutting machine, washing machine, lifting machine, shrimp processing conveyor, fish processing conveyor, the production efficiency has been greatly improved and labor costs have been saved, but there is still no machine for shrimp decapitation, and a lot of manual decapitation is still required. It is very difficult, many people are reluctant to do this kind of work, so many owners of shrimp processing factories want us to make a machine for shrimp deheading, preferably a shrimp deheading system, to help them and save labor!

For the needs of many customers, ZOLIM TECHNOLOGY, which specializes in the manufacture of fish and shrimp processing machines and has 20 years of industry experience, of course attaches great importance to it, and also considers it our mission. For this, our R&D team concentrated its efforts to overcome the shrimp deheading machine. , but it is not so easy to make a machine that removes the head of the shrimp. Unlike the sorting, cooking, frying, and belly opening of the shrimp, the whole shrimp is placed in the machine, and then it can be directly sorted and cooked. , frying, belly opening, etc. Due to the structure of the shrimp, the head of the shrimp is closely connected with the body, and the factory's requirements for deheaded shrimp products, the feet near the head of the shrimp should also be removed, which increases the research and development. Difficulty, coupled with the issue of efficiency, our research and development team imagined many research directions, but they were all overturned one by one!

After constant trial and error, adjustment, trial and error, re-adjustment by our team, and constant communication and exploration with the owner of the shrimp factory, we have determined the general direction. The shrimp must be covered with ice for at least 8 hours from fishing and landing. Due to the long-term cooling of the ice cubes and the special structure of the shrimp, the head and the body of the shrimp will not be so tightly connected, but the freshness of the shrimp is still maintained, and then through the correct stirring, the head and the body of the shrimp It can be separated. Although the head and body of the shrimp have been separated, the head and body of the shrimp are still mixed together. In the next step, we need to solve how to make the mixed head and body of the shrimp turn into shrimp heads and concentrate together. The shrimp bodies are also concentrated together. Through continuous efforts with our partners, we use a machine to accurately screen out the mixed shrimp heads and shrimp bodies! In the end, we successfully developed a complete shrimp deheading system, and now more and more factories use it to provide benefits and save labor costs!

Although we have successfully manufactured a shrimp deheading machine, we have to say that this machine still has shortcomings, that is, we can only separate the shrimp head from the body, and the feet near the head cannot remove it. Therefore, this shrimp de-heading machine can only be used to make shrimp after de-heading. If you want to de-head shrimp products, you have to manually remove the shrimp feet!

We believe that in the near future, we will definitely make a better shrimp deheading machine, which is not only efficient, but also can do products such as deheaded shrimp and shrimp!