shrimp peeling machine

October 25, 2023
Latest company news about shrimp peeling machine

The current shrimp processing industry often requires an advanced machine equipped with a computer, which can make several kinds of products, and the effect can meet the requirements. Our company is now improving a more accurate one on the basis of the traditional shrimp peeler. , more advanced, easier to operate, more humane, easier to solve problems with machines. In terms of precision, we add a servo motor and install a microcomputer. Every time we debug, it can be displayed on the computer, and it can display the subtle changes of shrimp knives and shrimp needles, so the precision is very high; in terms of advanced, we install a computer. Every time During the first run, the cutting status of the shrimp can be displayed on the computer; in terms of operation, we are equipped with a microcomputer, unlike the traditional manual debugging like the traditional shrimp shrimp deveiner, it is very convenient to input parameters on the PLC; in terms of human nature In terms of customization, no matter in the overall design and structure of the machine, or in installation, maintenance and waterproofing, it is more reasonable and humanized; in terms of post-maintenance, most of the problems in the machine, the customer only needs to connect to WIFI, and the data will be sent back to the factory. Manufacturers can be the first to assist customers to solve! Therefore, our shrimp devenier machine is very popular with customers and has received unanimous praise from them! Now let’s talk about our Automatic shrimp peeling machine can make several kinds of shrimp products, eight kinds of shrimp products can be made, the first type is E-Z peeling style, the second type is Tail-on 2 to 4, the third type is Tai-on deep cu , the fourth type, Shell splite 1-5, the fifth type, Tail-on completely splite, the sixth type, Tail-on butterfly splite, the seventh type, Tail-on gradual cut, the eighth type, Tail-off completely peel , We have passed a large number of experiments to prove that these eight types of shrimp products are all successful, and with the computer, the success rate is even higher!

Regarding the advantages of Automatic prawn shell removing deveiner , we would like to emphasize once again:shrimp shelling machine is a machine that can automatically process shrimp deveining machine. This product has many advantages,such as small footprint, easy operation and maintenance, can greatly reduce factory labor costs, training costs, and improve the stability of product quality. It is widely used in aquaculture and aquatic products processing industries. The automatic shrimp peeling equipment can handle shrimps of different sizes, such as 21/25 to 61/70, etc.; and can meet different processing specifications, such as EZ peeling and different kinds of PTO (peeled tail on), etc